In real-time simulations, students are put in a situation in which they have to run a business with a real-life ERP system. Teams of four students operate a make-to-stock manufacturing company and must interact with suppliers and customers by sending and receiving orders, delivering their products and completing the whole cash-to-cash cycle.

Using standard and customized reports, students must analyze their transactional data to make business decisions and ensure the profitability of their operations. The learning objectives of these games are threefold:

  • Develop a hands-on understanding of the concepts underlying enterprise systems.
  • Experience the benefits of enterprise integration firsthand.
  • Develop technical skills at using ERP software


ERPsim Lab currently offers the following products, for educational purposes, to the members of the SAP University Alliance:

  • The Distribution Game
    This engaging game, which has students play as a bottled water distribution company managers, serves as a great introduction to both ERPsim and SAP.


  • The Manufacturing Game
    Playing as a muesli cereal manufacturer, students gain hands on experience with the entire cash-to-cash cycle. Available in three version (Introduction, Extended and Advanced), the Manufacturing Game can be tailored to suit your class’ needs and provide an excellent pedagogical tool. This game can also be used with ERPsim BI, enabling real-time data analytics using the game.


  • The Logistics Game
    A fun and effective way to learn about SAP and logistics decision making, this game has students running a dairy company that regularly ships to offsite warehouses. Available in three versions (Introduction, Extended and Platinum), the Logistics Game can be tailored to suit your class’ needs. These games can also be used with the ERPsim BI technology.


​Léger, P.-M., Robert, J., Babin, G., Pellerin, R. and Wagner, B. (2007), ERPsim, ERPsim Lab, HEC Montréal, Montréal, Qc.

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